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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow sow now

That's right! It snowed in NJ last night and total accumulations were around 2 inches! I'm surprised they didn't close the schools because usually NJ freaks out when there is the least bit of white stuff on the ground. Thanks to the white stuff, my commute home took 2 hours last night but I didn't care. You know why? That's right, I got the lease back from my landlord signed which means I will be moving to Hoboken in January. I'm really looking forward to having you come visit and having a get together for all of my readers.

I want to make sure I direct you to my friend Adam's post yesterday about our movie experience the other night. He captures the evening perfectly. I saw a huge jump in readership yesterday thanks to his linking to my Yes Man review. Thanks Adam!

Okay, let me share this video with you, it's bizarre and wonderful all at the same time.

And for another animal holiday video, check out Barney, the White House Dog as he bids farewell to the White House. It's worth watching just to see the Bush family attempt to act.

Big news today, a man on The Price Is Right, for the first time since the 70's, guessed the exact amount of his showcase showdown! Amazing!

Wanted to make sure you saw Bill Carter's piece on Leno in the New York Times yesterday. Dave has been making many Leno zingers lately.

Have a great day!

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