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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Morning After The Storm

I am much calmer this morning after an anger storm last night having found out that the owner of the apartment I had signed the lease for decided to continue to look for people who would pay more than me. Everything flashed before my eyes last night, the washer/dryer, updated kitchen, central air,...all gone. All thanks to the owner Peter DeCarlo, an insurance adjuster. Insurance guys.

Today's a new day. It's 60 degrees out, the birds are chirping and I'm ready to find a better apartment. Onwards and upwards.

Weird story from The Sun involving man and his robot. Real life Lars and the Real Girl.

Broadway isn't doing well...15 shows to close.

Big News, Oprah is a human being! She gains weight like the rest of us! Woohoo. Now that is one of My Favorite Things. Elves, bring out the liposuuuuucccctiiiooooonnnnn.

Very cool windows.

This is appropriate for today:

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