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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday

First black friday and now, Cyber Monday! Quick, go online and get the bargains while the last. Bargains? We don't need no stinkin bargains. I was disgusted and appalled to hear about the man trampled to death when a restless Walmart crowd broke down the doors so they could try to get their little hands on the newest Turbo Man. I mean, we seriously need to take a look at this awful picture. Businesses started this whole Black Friday gimmick to get people into their stores. Advertise a $3oo laptop and the people will come. What about the fact that they greatly limit the number of $300 laptops to, I don't know, 3 or 5! What kind of bargains could they possibly be offering at Walmart that would make people line up the night before and would end in the death of an innocent man trying to make a living? Well I went to a Wallmart in NJ on Saturday to pick up a cell phone charger and I saw no great deals unless you consider a Robin Hood: Men In Tights DVD for $2 something to camp overnight for. I hope they are able to find all those people who stormed the gates at that Walmart. There are so many disturbing parts to this story including the fact that when they tried clearing the store after the man died, people were complaining. You should be ashamed.

Another equally disturbing story is one that Jon shared with me. Two men duking it out in a Toys R'Us, both had guns and both ran down the aisles shooting. They ended up killing each other.

Every year at this time, I reunite with my evening radio girlfriend on Lite 106.7 where she serenades me with holiday music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before I sat down to write this post I googled Delilah and came up with her page at 106.7. I never knew what she looked like until today.

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now comes the mad holiday rush. The lights are up, the inflatables inflated. On Saturday night I went with some friends to see funnyman Jim Gaffigan at Town Hall. It was a lot of fun and he made us laugh with his food observations and such. But the real comedy took place after the show. You see, Jim locked the keys in the car so we were locked out, stranded in a car garage. Luckily, the garage attendant was armed with a hanger and after an hour and a half of trying to open the lock, he did it! Pleasant music was being piped into the garage while we stood around and cheered the jovial attendant with a wire who was so persistent, determined to get the door unlocked.

If you aren't familiar with Jim Gaffigan, here's a clip:

What a beautiful morning! Happy favorite month!

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