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Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day?

What's this business of closing schools the day before we even see any snow??? I don't remember that happening as a kid, but then again maybe I was too happy to have a day off to think about it. I'm thinking about all of the teachers I know still in bed dreaming about pleasant things in their comfortable down blankets... I always hate the whole commuting thing on days when it snows. It's the worst. Most likely, punches will be thrown on the train home.

I miss getting early morning calls from the "Snow Chain", a group of school parents who were on alert and when they would get "the call" they would call your house to let you know the good news. They should do this for more things, not just snow days.

Mrs. Sniter: Hello is this Mrs. Nisenson?
Mrs. Nisenson: Yes
Mrs. S: Hi, it's Debbie.
Mrs. N: Hi Debbie.
Mrs. S: I'm calling to tell you that...
Mrs. N: Snow day? Thanks for ca...
Mrs. S: No, not a snow day. I wanted to let you know that Mrs. Roberts son, Michael just got an A on his spelling paper.
Mrs. N: Why did you wake me up at 6:00am to tell me this?
Mrs. S: Oh, it's the PTA's new plan to let parents know how kids are doing in our public school system.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the snow. If you're a teacher, I hope you are still having to do some sort of work at home. No, I'm not bitter. I'm sure my ex-girlfriend of a teacher was squealing when she found out last night that Madison Junior School would be closed and she's probably out galavanting as I write this. My high school drama teacher is home in his pajamas reading the NYTimes and just finishing up the cross word puzzle. Mrs. MacDonald, my first grade teacher is now, well, I'm not even sure she is still with us. But either way, she also gets a snow day.

Enough about the snow.

Oh Charlie, you smell so Beefy today. Is that the new Burger King body spray?

Piven out, William Macy in, Speed-The-Plow due to an illness.

Have you seen the new Google Earth 3D New York City? Pretty amazing stuff.

I think I have decided that for my wedding, I want to do a video invitation as well...

Invitation for our Wedding from on Vimeo.

I am off for two weeks from work for Winter Break so let me be the first, or second to wish you Happy Holidays. I might post some things next week but don't expect anything too exciting. In addition to playing some Raving Rabbids for Wii, reading, watching movies, seeing family, moving into the apartment, I won't be that busy. The fun starts tomorrow as I turn the big 2-8. Yikes. Where have the years gone? What will the new year hold? Who is the man standing next to me? Why does my right shoe feel heavier than my left. Oh good, the man behind me walked away.

My wonderful co-workers at work took me out to lunch yesterday at Otto where I was able to say "hi" to Stanley Tucci. I'm a fan. Apparently Mario Batali and his wife were in the kitchen as well. It was very good.

Have a great day.

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