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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Holiday Party

It's that time of year, time to grab a toy to bring to the annual office holiday party. Time to put on your red ruffled shirt with green sequined trees, your wreath earrings and head over to the place where anything and everything goes. The Holiday Party. Look at Lila, over by the cheese table, wrapping up cheese in napkins and gently placing them in her over sized bag, labeling each napkin to reflect the type of cheese. Over by the band, Matthew is swaying to the beat with a glass of Cabernet in one hand and a cracker in the other. The Holiday Party.

Why can't people be as fun and nice as they are at holiday parties, everyday? Do we need to start serving alcohol at the work place and hire a band? Maybe it's worth it. *This is just a general observation and does not have anything to do with the people I work with. They ARE just as fun and nice on a daily basis as they are at parties*

I love the servers that come around with trays filled with different hors d'oeuvre. How great would it be to hire someone to do that during the day at the office. Every half hour he/she comes into your office with a different food. I think they need to start having some sort of label on the food that comes around so that people don't have to ask. Let me break down the typical exchange:

Server: Would you like one?
Me: What are they?
Server: Fresh sea scallops wrapped in bacon and stuffed with a lemon infused goat cheese.
Me: Why thank you

I mean, how great would it be to just have this person in the office??? I think I might have just struck oil with this idea.

The Holiday Party. I'll never forget one of the office parties we had when I worked at Columbia Pictures. Sam and I took a limo to McDonalds because that's what the boss was craving then we came back and there was a food fight with apple pie everywhere. (I didn't participate and only wish I had taken video). I hope you are having some fun already this holiday season. I sure am. And the real party begins on December 20th, when I turn the big 28.

I don't understand why fast food employees are obsessed with filling up sinks at work and taking baths. This happened once before and now again. I never eat KFC and I don't think I ever will.

It's Friday and after a rainy day I hope you are drying off and have some nice weekend plans.


tony said...

merry xmas :) i have this netbook review here but i am not able to read your blok from that? any suggestions ?


tony said...

merry xmas :) i have this netbook review here but i am not able to read your blog with that? any suggestions ?