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Monday, December 15, 2008

Right Heeere, We've got an excellent Shoooe

By now you have all seen this video of George Bush being attacked by a pair of size 10 shoes. Nice to see his reflexes are still good.


So I was always very careful with my electronic devices especially when it came to getting them wet. That is, until last night. I emptied out all my pockets but must have missed my gym shorts. My iPod was in the pocket and there was a look of horror when I was unloading the wet clothes to see my iPod at the bottom of the washing machine. Sorry little buddy. Well, not quite as bad as the time I put Muffles in the dryer. I'm just kidding.

Have you finished all your holiday shopping? Have your cards been mailed? Hard to believe we are well into December and that winter break starts next week!

I want one of these!

and one of these...

I should start hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese more often.

Have a great day! Going to see a screening of YesMan tonight so most likely a review will appear tomorrow.

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