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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Friend, Moby

As you know, I have begun a search for an apartment. It started in Hoboken but I'm also going to be looking in the city. If you know of anyone looking to rent out their place, let me know. Having been in the real estate business for a little while I know there are a plethora of scams, phony pictures, fake ads, etc. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'd like to thank my new friend, Moby.

So I've been working on this science video for work and I needed some music for it. Moby started this great site called Moby Gratis in which there is a huge list of his songs. You choose one and fill out an online form about what sort of project you will be using the music for (can't use it for a project that is for-profit). About a week later, they will either approve or reject your request and if they approve, you can download the song for free and you have permission to use it in your film. Thanks, Moby!

This is a horrible story. Now, fork over your lunch money so I can git me some tater tots.

Have you seen these Whopper Virgin Trailers?

And now for a Belated Halloween Video:

The Carved Pumpkin from Carrotkid on Vimeo.

Have a fun day!

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