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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow, then ice, now flooding...good thing I built an Arc

I had a great class last night. It took place in the loft of a brilliant artist, Lloyd Mcneil. He shared with us his paintings, music, poetry, and thoughts on being an artist and art. It was really great. The only problem was that I had been dreading the commute home. When I got out of class the streets and sidewalks were snowy. I had to urinate when I arrived at the beautiful Port Authority so I quickly went into the mens room. I had a weird feeling from two very sketchy men in there who stared at me so I left to find that the 8:30 bus was still waiting to depart. Luckily I got a seat. The bus driver carefully navigated the snow covered roads. I made it home safely and awoke to icy conditions with flooding. And yet, I still made it to work early.

It looks like the Oscars are going to take place after all now that the Writers Strike has ended!

And Aretha is pissed!

And a Beagle wins Westminster

And now for my clip of the day. Another product we all have to have.

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