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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ice Cream Soda Friday

Who likes Ice Cream Soda????? Well if you do, there's a new product on the market you are going to go nuts...soda for. It's called The Fizz. Here are the instructions for their website which I encourage you to check out because there is a nifty video on there as well.

How to use the Fizz Cup — It's Simple & Fun!
Fill the Fizz Cup with ice cream then snap on the lid
Insert a straw into the bottom of the cup so it fits snug inside the tip of the cone-shaped tube
Twist it onto your favorite drink bottle—will only work with common plastic soda bottles
Squeeze the bottle, a little at a time, and watch it Fizz inside the lid
Sip it, spoon it, slurp it, Smile! Mix 'em up or keep 'em separated
When you're finished, rinse it out in warm water—It's reusable, but not dishwasher safe

Sounds great huh? Well here's a demonstration:

Looks like I'll be going to Chicago this Weekend!!!!

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