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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Candy Man Can

It's another cold day in NYC and snow is on the way tonight in NJ. I am planning on making a trip during my lunch break to EconomyCandy! with some of my coworkers. I have been wanting to go to this candy store for quite some time and I'm wondering if we are really going to brave the cold to go there. I'll bring you back some Bonkers.

While I'm on the topic of candy. Have you bought any Valentine's Day candy? Well some stores in NYC may be stocking their shelves with candy from last year, and they even have photos of worms eating chocolate hearts. Gross. Good dieting trick though. MMM...I want some chocolate (look at CBS news photo of worm in chocolate)..ehhh..I'll have a piece of fruit instead.

There was a huge Blackberry outtage yesterday and I'm sure it threw people for a spin. Well, no outtages here my friends:

That's right, a demonstration of Google's Android software.

Take it away Dennis...

Phew, that was a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for that beautiful rendition of Sixteen Tons. Stay warm!

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