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Friday, August 3, 2007

Master's Degree at 94

I always enjoy reading a story about "seniors" going back to school to obtain a masters degree. So I was so happy when I came across this story about 94 year old, Phyliss Turner, who has become the oldest person in the world to obtain a masters degree. I am applying for grad school and Phyliss should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to go back to school.

My uncle visited yesterday and showed me a script from the tv show promos he was working on. You know of the show and it stars one of the Baldwin brothers. I read the script to myself (both actors parts) and they were really funny. I'm looking forward to seeing them air. Maybe I should start auditioning for tv commercials? What have I been waiting for!! Watch out world, here I come. Wait, what? Oh, really? Oh...oh... well..ahem...of cource there are millions of people who want to be on tv, but I've, um...I've... I have a unique face!?

Wait! How about broadway?? Young Frankenstein is headed for Broadway and Mel Brooks is going to make a killing. Curious? Check out the website which is a production in and of itself.

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