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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Commuting, a book by Evan , Chapter 2

Chapter 2- The Floods are Coming

Weather can definitely get in the way of one's morning commute. This morning, after an extra long NJ Transit train ride, I was forced to walk to work from Penn. If New York City can't handle some rain, I don't know how they are going to handle anything worse. This should be worrying people and something definitely needs to be done. It's just water!! I was stuck in the midst of thousands of commuters as we were told there was no A,C,E service. What to do next, I know, I'll try the bus. Nope. There were at least 75 people at each bus stop as I walked downtown and apparently, no extra buses were running. Each bus was packed full of commuters and I was glad I wasn't one of the sardines in the can on wheels. But why weren't there extra buses running? Someone needs to make this call the night before.

I enjoy walking, don't get me wrong, but the humidity is so high that it makes the walk very unpleasant. I made it though. I even made a stop at the Union Sqaure market. I'm ready for the Fall....foliage...pumpkins....ahhhh

In other news, a man smuggled a monkey onto a plane.

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