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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm McLovin Evan

It seems like the name Evan is being used more and more these days in film. I rarely heard the name used in a movie until this year when we got Evan Almighty and now Superbad. There's something so gratifying when you hear your name said over and over again in a movie. I feel like I should be paid royalties whenever it's uttered by one of the actors on screen. I went to see Superbad the other night and the character played by Michael Cera is named Evan.

I know I mention Wholphin on this blog too much. But I do it because it is the best thing out there. Have you ordered it yet? I watched a piece on the new one by Olivo Barbieri called Site Specific: Las Vegas and was immediately blown away. Was this real? It couldn't be, it must be a model...but wait, the people and cars are moving. Unbelivable. It's all real. No CGI. He photographs his work from a helicopter using a tilt-shift lens. I tried finding video of it online but can't so you're going to have to subscribe to Wholphin. You'll want to watch it over and over again because it's so cool. Here are some stills. All real.

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