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Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekends are Fun!

Let me start off by giving you another reason why NYU is better than Columbia. Way to go Dean Coatsworth! How much is your coatsworth?

Yom Kippur was this past weekend and I spent it with Elissa and her family. After fasting on Saturday we broke the fast with a delicious spread and on Sunday went to the infamous Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Now I must say that I enjoy shopping and I even bought a suit at Ralph Lauren. Take a look at this:

Ahh, it looks like a nice little fake New England town with a few shoppers. I always think it's a great idea to make a trip to Woodbury until I get there and there are busloads of people arriving at this destination. It's chaos. Thousands of people running around throwing clothes here and there as they look for their sizes. The food court is packed, the bathrooms are packed, the stores are so crowded you can barely look at the clothes. The parking lot is swarming with cars just waiting for a spot. I suggest you go early so that you can finish your shopping before the buses of people start arriving. We did have fun though, and that's really what matters.

Is it lunchtime yet? I could go for some dessert.

And now, some Swedish television:

sick on air
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