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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Magnolia Bakery Closed by Department of Health


Magnolia Bakery Closed by Department of health.

According to

A little more than one hour ago, the Department of Health shut down Magnolia Bakery, perhaps the most popular bakery in New York, a place where the waits for cupcakes are rarely less than 30 minutes, and site of the now famous Lazy Sunday video. According to the nice employee who has been stationed to inform cupcake hopefuls of the bad news, the recent change of ownership at Magnolia triggered an automatic visit from the Department of Health, who discovered one sink too few at the bakery, where, apparently, a minimum of two sinks are required. "It's not rats," she assured the Eater field agents on the scene. Work to remedy the situation is already in progress, we're told, and the bakery expects to reopen on Friday at the earliest. We are awaiting an official statement from Magnolia Bakery PR.

Where are we to go for a sugar fix? I thought the chocolate sprinkles on the cupcake I bought the other day tasted funny. Wait a minute...

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