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Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Shark Week

That's right. This week is Shark Week on the Dicovery Channel for all of you shark fans. I thought I heard on the radio this morning that if you get into a cab in NYC with a shark week ad on it, the ride is free! I saw one of these cabs this morning but there was someone in it. Has anyone else heard about this?

This past weekend I made the journey to Providence, RI to see my sister in two shows. She blew everyone away with her one woman show. I took the train back on Saturday and had a nice dinner with Jon and Justine and met Meadow! She's the cutest beagle in Cliffside Park. I really want to get a dog but can't do it at the moment. I could however do this. I think they should have named it Petflix.

Have you seen this guy? I think that's the cuecard guy from the Tonight Show.

AND NOW....a new Evan Almighty Feature....


1) Freaks and Geeks- I never really watched this show when it was on tv but was encouraged to watch it. It's great and you should definitely add this to your queue.

2) The Last Mimzy- Kids movie? Yes, but I thoroughly enjoyed this flick and would recommend it. The kids are cute and the concept is neat and it has Rainn Wilson! How bad could it be?

3) Shooter- Don't bother to waste your time with this movie.

4) Perfume- Based on the amazing novel by Patrick Suskind, I haven't finished this one yet, but so far it is very very good. Definitely one for your queue.

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