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Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!

Well it's actually the afternoon and I'm blogging during my lunch hour rather than before work. This weekend, Elissa and I went to Baltimore to visit her good friend Melissa and her husband Andrew. They were extremely gracious and allowed us to stay with them over the weekend. Even more exciting is the news that I got a new bluetooth..okay, that's not true and is an inside joke so please ignore the last line.

When we arrived on Friday we went to the Inner Harbor where we had a bite to eat and walked around to see what was happening. I was dying to go to the Aquarium but due to our timing, we would have had to rush through it and for a $22 admission ticket, we wanted to take our time admiring the fishes and speaking with the dolphins. Guess we'll be making another trip back in the near future. We spent Saturday with Melissa and Andrew and were on our way home Sunday morning. Last night, Elissa's parents had a really nice party to celebrate two birthdays and a 2nd Wedding Anniversary. The food was superb and I had a great time.

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