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Friday, January 8, 2010


I was perusing the drink section at a local eatery and I continue to be amazed at how many drinks they carry. Probably over 200 kinds of beverages. Today I came across one in the v8 section called Clamato. Probably not the best name for a drink since it sounds like an STD but appropriate I guess because it contains clam broth. Many of you tomato based beverage fans are probably thinking to yourselves, "Evan's never seen Clamato before?" Apparently, it's been around for awhile:

Clamato (a portmanteau of "clam" and "tomato") is a trademark of the Mott's company which denotes a drink made primarily of reconstituted tomato juice concentrate. It is flavored with spices and clam broth, and contains monosodium glutamate.[1] It is also referred to colloquially as "clamato juice." Clamato was produced in its current form beginning in 1966 by the Duffy-Mott company in Hamlin, New York, by two employees who wanted to create a Manhattan clam chowder style cocktail by combining tomato juice and clam broth with spices."

Thanks Wikipedia! You have also given me today's Evan Almighty WORD OF THE DAY!!! The usage of today's word first appeared in Lewis Carroll's book Through the Looking-Glass (1871), in which Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice the coinage of the unusual words in Jabberwocky.

Today's word is: Portmanteau! So use it in a sentence and spread the Portmanteau love. Portmanteau is a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms (as smog from smoke and fog). Hmm..I guess Knork would be a Portmanteau.

I'm still waiting to get into a Cash Cab.

Another reason why you shouldn't put a deer in the backseat of your car. Period.

Uh oh, trouble in the NY Times Cafeteria...staffers got sick...the culprit is rumored to be the pasta salad and has been taken into custody. for questioning. Let's listen in:

Detective: So, what kind of crap were you trying to pull here, salad boy.
Pasta Salad: N.n.nnnothing officer. I was just going about my business, I got dressed and then was put out at the bar.
Detective: Don't give me that crap, I want answers. (bangs fist down and some pasta spills out onto the floor). Pick yourself up.
Pasta Detective: Olive to give you some answers but I didn't do anything.
Detective: That's it, I didn't want to have to do this but I've got no other choice. (Officer goes to the closet and pulls out a huge fork. )

Fade to black.

That's all I've got today. Hope you have a great weekend!